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TransGroup Operational in CA, PA, NY, NV, IL

Dear Valued Customer,

Five states have issued statewide closures of 'non-essential' business this week, with the likelihood of more to follow. Please see below on how TransGroup is addressing these unique situations:

Earlier this week, the state of Califofnia issued a mandate which closes all 'non-essential' business in the state, however TransGroup operations remains fully functional thanks to our integrated IT system which allows for remote operating. Local transport of goods is not affected under this mandate as it is considered 'essential' however pickups and deliveries are limited to 'life-sustaining' goods. Also, personal safety remains paramount and drivers are not able to perform most inside deliveries/pickups. Similarly, we have also asked our vendors to comply in an effort to keep both staff and customers safe.

The state of Pennsylvania has increased its protection notice to also close all non-essential business in the state. However in PA that does not include logistics or transportation. TransGroup Philadelphia is still fully operational.

New York
The statewide business closure in New York was just announced yesterday and details of the closures are still being discussed. However, transportation and logistics has been classified as 'essential' in NY and thus TransGroup offices supporting the NY region are fully operational at this time.

Today, Governor Steve Sisolak also issued a mandatory shutdown of most nonessential businesses in the state. Similar to other states however, air transportation, trucking centers, and logistics and supply chain operations are considered essential. TransGroup Las Vegas is still fully operational at this time.

At the time of this email, it is expected that Governor JB Pritzker will issue a 'shelter in place' policy for the state of Illinois. It is believed that it will be a similar policy to other states which will allow the essential transport of goods. Details will be forthcoming as they are announced however we expect TransGroup to be operational.

Should you require further information, please contact your local TransGroup station.

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